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Edenbridge and District Astronomy Group - Library Index Last Updated - 26/02/18
Ref. Title Status Author Year Summary
B1 Discover the Sky with Telescope and Camera Available Richard Knox 1976 Interesting background reading on techniques of the time. Still relevant in many areas
B2 The Neptune File (Hardback) Available Tom Standage 2000 Interesting biographical account of the hunt for, and discovery of Neptune - a good read.
B3 Unusual Telescopes Available Peter L.Manly 1991 Describes various 'unorthodox' telescopes constructed mainly by enthusiastic amateurs. Mainly of interest to those fascinated by the hardware. 
B4 The Curious Life of Robert Hooke Available Lisa Jardine 2005 The life and works of Robert Hooke - first experimental curator of the Royal Society and author of the influential 'Micrographia' and legendary adversery of Isaac Newton.
B5 The Hamlyn Guide to Astronomy Available David Baker 1979 Introductory work - dated
B6 Teach Yourself Astronomy Available Patrick Moore 2003 Beginners work - one of the "Teach Yourself" series of educational paperbacks.
B7 Decoding the Heavens Available Jo Marchant 2008 The story of the discovery and understanding of the 2000 year old Antikithera mechanism.
B8 Uriels Machine Available Christopher Knight/Robert Lomas 2000 Speculative work discussing how ancient megalithic structures may have been used as astronomical observatories and helped derive standard units of measurement.
B9 Beagle Available Colin Pillinger 2003 Limited edition volume covering the background behind the ill-fated Beagle probe - published prior to its launch.
B10 The Neptune File (Softback) Available Tom Standage 2000 Interesting biographical account of the hunt for, and discovery of Neptune - a good read.
B11 Moon Dust - The men who fell to Earth Available Andrew Smith 2006 Reflections on the Apollo missions mainly based on interviews with the surviving Apollo astronauts at the time of writing.
B12 Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy Available Patrick Martinez/Alain Klotz 1998 A detailed handbook based on instruments and techniques in use at the time of publication. Much of this work is likely still to be relevant.
B13 Pocket Guide To Astronomy Available Ian Ridpath 1997 Broad introductory work covering the Sun, Moon, Planets, stars, clusters nebulae etc. Some notes on equipment and CCD photography included.
B14 Stardust Available John Gribben 2000 An exploration of the role played by dust in the universe - how it is constantly recycled and reformed into new things - including us !
B15 The Universe Next Door Available Marcus Chown 2003 Exploration of 12 extraordinary and thought-provoking ideas
B16 Tunguska FireBall Available Surendra Verma 2005 Examination of the evidence and theories behind the 1908 devastating explosion in the Tunguska forest
B17 Practical Astrophotography Available Jeffrey.R.Charles 2000 Good practical guide to film based astrophotography. Very limited discussion of digital imaging.
B18 The Heavens on Fire Available Mark Littmann 1998 The story of the great Leonid meteor showers. Also discussion of cometary and meteorite science, and some guidance notes for observation.
B19 Astrophotography for the Amateur (2nd Edition) Available Michael.R. Covington 2002 Comprehensive guide to film and CCD imaging - advanced content, though digital content likely to be dated.
B20 Astronomy Hacks Available Robert Bruce Thompson 2005 Tools and tips for more enjoyable astronomy
B21 unallocated Spare      
B22 Using the Meade ETX Available Mike Weasner 2002 Guidance on using the popular Meade ETX range of telescopes and a gazeteer of 100 objects to observe. The author hosts the "Mighty ETX" website for ETX enthusiasts. 
B23 The Field Guide to Natural Wonders Available Keith Heidorn/Ian Whitelaw 2010 Covers all manner of natural phenomena which might be observed on Earth, at sea, in the atmosphere and night sky.
B24 From Space to Earth (Solar Electricity) Available John Perlin 1999 The story behind development of solar power - little or no astronomical content - but may be of interest to some group members.
B25 Gods in the Sky Available Allan Chapman 2001 Written to accompany the TV series - covering the history of astronomy from ancient times until the Renaissance.
B26 Eclipse Available Duncan Steel 1999 Largely historical account of how eclipses have influenced man and how their observation has helped to understand the solar system.
B27 Riding Rockets Available Mike Mullane 2007 The authors  experiences and anecdotes of training and flying aboard the NASA space shuttle. No holds barred !!
B28 Rain of Iron and Ice Available John S.Lewis 1996 Discusses evidence of past bombardment of the Earth by comets and asteroids and the risks of similar impacts in the future.
B29 Wide-Field Astrophotography Available Robert Reeves 2000 Comprehensive guide with in-depth discussion of techniques mainly for film imaging.
B30 Project Orion Available George Dyson 2002 The story of the project intending to plan and build an atomic spaceship. This was a serious project in its time but seems ludicrous today.
B31 Astronomy for Dummies Available Stephen P.Moran 2005 Accesible astronomy guide
B32 Turn Left at Orion Available Guy Consolmagno, Dan M.Davis 2011 Popular and practical guide to locating an observing the night sky
B33 Philips Moon Observers Guide Available Peter Grego 2010 Another of the Philip's guides - specifically targetted for lunar observation.
B34 The book of the Moon Available Rick Stroud 2009 A miscellany of all things lunar - from ancient concepts to how we reached it, known facts and figures, current undestanding and nuch more.
B35 Unallocated Spare      
B36 Unallocated Spare      
B37 Unallocated Spare      
B38 Unallocated Spare      
B39 Unallocated Spare      
B40 Cosmic Company - Search for Life Available Seth Shostak/Alex Barnett 2003 An overview of the science and technology behind the search for life elsewhere in the universe.
B41 Asteroid Rendevous - Near Shoemaker Available Jim Bell Jacqueline Mitton 2002 The story of the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission as told by the scientists and engineers most closely involved. Includes much discussion of asteroid composition etc.
B42 Philips -Stargazing with Binoculars Available Robin Scagell/David Frydman 2010 Useful guide for selecting binoculars and appropriate mounts for use in binocular astronomy, and overview of suitable objects to observe.
B43 A little course in Astronomy Available Robert Dinwiddle 2013 Good background reading for a complete beginner
B44 Unallocated Spare      
B45 The Cloudspotters Guide Available Gavin Pretor-Pinney 2007 Inaugural publication of the cloudspotting society - a possible diversion for the solar observer when nature gets in the way !
B46 The New Astronomy Guide Available Patrick Moore, Pete Lawrence 2012 Introduction to astronomy in the digital age
B47 Hubble - Mirror on the Universe Available Robin Kerrod/Carole Stott 2011 Notes on current understanding of our universe lavidly illustrated with images from the Hubble space telescope.
B48 Stargazing with a Telescope Available Robin Scagell 2000 Useful guide for amateur astronomers with good advice on selection of telescopes and accessories.
B49 Ultimate Guide to Stars and Planets Available Duncan John 2011 A fact and photo filled introductory practical guide.
B50 Astronomy - an eyewitness account Available Ian Ridpath 2006 Introductory guide to Stars, Planets, Observation, Equipment and constellations.
B51 Sky at Night Q + A Available Patrick Moore/Chris North 2012 Answers to questions raised by viewers of the Sky at Night programme. Good book for dipping into !
B52 Simple Stargazing Available Anton Vamplew 2005 Basic introduction to recognising constellations and observing eclipses, meteor showers etc. This work seems geared to visual observing without equipment.
B53 Phillips Deep Sky Observers Guide Available Neil Bone 2013 Practical introduction to deep sky observing, explaining in straightforward, non-technical language what is meant by the 'deep sky', and how to observe the Universe beyond our Solar System
B54 Newton - Understanding the Cosmos Available Jean-Pierre Maury 1990 Historical perspective on Newton and his contempories understanding of Astronomy and science of their time
B55 Stars and Planets Available Ian Redpath 1998 Detailed overview of the planets and constellations - a good introductory work
B56 Outer Space in Your Pocket Available Mike Flynn 2011 Interesting and concise work covering Origins of the Universe, Studying space, The Solar System, Stars and Constellations, The 'stuff' of the Universe, Galaxies and Space Exploration to date. Very readable - something interesting for everyone.
B57 A Brief History of Time Available Stephen Hawking 1988 A re-issue of the ever-popular bestseller by Stephen Hawking
B58 A Universe from Nothing Available Lawrence M.Kraus 2012 Where did the Universe come from ? What was there before it? What will the future bring? And finally, why is there something rather than nothing ?
B59 The history of Astronomy Available Paul Murdin 2014 Brief history of astronomy from ancient times to current day with many good quality and interesting pictures and photographs - worth a dip !
B60 The Martian Available Andy Weir 2014 The popular novel on which the 2015 film starring Matt Damon was based
B61 The Hunt For Vulcan On Loan - Andrew Hindmarsh Thomas Levenson 2016 THE HUNT FOR VULCAN is a scientific detective tale at the intersection of theory, measurement, and belief; and a reflection on a bizarre period in which the power of conformity led very smart people to literally see a planet that wasn’t there.
B62 Six Easy Pieces Requested - Chris Pocock Richard P.Feynman 1963 Referenced in lecture by John Dobson - covers elementary discussion of atoms in motion, Basic Physics, the relation of physics to other sciences, conservation of energy, theory of gravitation, quantum behaviour.
B63 The Grand Design New Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow 2010 Explores such ideas as The Mystery of Being, The Rule of Law, What is Reality?, The Theory of Everything, The Grand Design and others. Interesting and easily read.
B64 Calculating the Cosmos New Ian Stewart 2016 Despite beinga book about mathematical explanations for many features of the solar system and beyond this book does not require the reader to have a detailed maths background. A fascinating exploration
B65 The Search for Earth's Twin New Stuart Clark 2017 The story of the search for a distant planet like our own - Fully updated with the latest discoveries at the time of publishing (2017).
E1 Understanding Mars Available Open University 2003 Module coursebook - quite readable
E2 The Sun and Stars - Part 1 Available Open University 2003 Module coursebook - very detailed but useful
E3 The Sun and Stars - Part 2 Available Open University 2003 Module coursebook - very detailed but useful
E4 Galaxies and Cosmology - Part 1 Available Open University 2003 Module coursebook - very detailed but useful
E5 Galaxies and Cosmology - Part 2 Available Open University 2003 Module coursebook - very detailed but useful
E6 An Introduction to Astrobiology Available Open University 2004 Module Coursebook - quite readable - recommended
E7 An Introduction to the Solar System Available Open University 2004 Module Coursebook - excellent background reading
M1 Danger - Solar Storm Available     DVD based presentation describing the detection and risks of solar storms - rather limited
M2 Death of the Universe Documentary Available     Death of the Universe Documentary
M3 Martian Robots Documentary Available     Martian Robots Documentary
M4 Space Mission - Reaching for the Stars Available     The story of the men and women behind 40 years of the American Space Flight Story.
M5 Patrick Moores Guide to the Universe Available     CD-ROM - an early multimedia presentation - rather disappointing.
M7 Astronomy talk by Pete Lawrence + Paul Able - 12/11/11 Available EDA 2012 2 disc recording of talk at Starborough Manor, Lingfield, 12/11/11
M8 Sky at Night CD-ROM 78 - Astronomy Tools Available BBC 2011 September'2011 Episode with patrick Moore, NASA's curioisity mission, plans for making a finderscope,
M9 Sky at Night CD-ROM 79 - The Science of Apollo Available BBC 2011 October'2011 Episode - NASA's lunar findings, NASA's asteroid hunt, get involved in Stargazing Live.
M10 Sky at Night CD-ROM 80 - Perfect your images Available BBC 2012 November'2011 Episode, powering the Mars rover, how to take an automated deep sky telescope tour
M11 Sky at Night CD-ROM 81 - The lost 1963 episode Available BBC 2012 Arthur C.Clarke on future of man in space, Dec'2011 episode + extras
M12 Sky at Night CD-ROM 82 - Uncut Video exclusive Available BBC 2012 presenters discuss the cosmos + Jan'2012 episode + extra features
M13 Sky at Night CD-ROM 83 - Apollo 16 Special Available BBC 2012 Apollo 16 Documentary + Feb'2012 episode +extras
M14 Sky at Night CD-ROM 84 - On Board the ISS  Available BBC 2012 ISS video + March'2012 episode + extras
M15 Sky at Night CD-ROM 85 - 2004 transit of venus episode Available BBC 2012 2004 transit of Venus star party episode + April'2012 episode + extras
M16 Story of the Space Shuttle - DVD box set Available Discovery Channel   3 DVD set recounting the development and operation of the space shuttle - including preparations for re-entering service after the Columbia disaster.
M17 Unallocated Spare      
M18 Unallocated Spare      
M19 Unallocated Spare      
M20 Unallocated Spare      
M21 The Universe - DVD Box Set Available History Channel   8 DVD set -running time approx 9 hours - informative
M22 Dobson Unplugged - 8 CD set Available     8 x CD set - discussions with John Dobson
M23 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 103 - Brecon Beacons Astro-Camp Available BBC 2013 Dec'2013 Episode - Brecon Beacons Astro-Camp + guide to spotting the ISS and more
M24 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 104 - Moore Moon Marathon Available BBC 2014 Jan'2014 episode - Moore's Moon Marathon, Flamsteed Astronomical Society + 10 years of NASA's Mars explorers and more
M25 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 105 - Comet Hunting from La Palma Available BBC 2014 Dec'2014 Episode - Comet hunting from La Palma, Curiosity Rover past and present, Gaii Space Telescope overview and more.
M26 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 106 - Our Nearest Star Available BBC 2014 Classic 1986 Solar episode with Patrick Moore, The Rosetta story, Mars in 3D and more.
M27 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 107 - Jupiter and its moons Available BBC 2014 Feb'2014 Episode - Jupiter, its atmosphere and its moons + video guide to solar eclipses + extras
M28 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 108 - The sounds of space Available BBC 2014 Mar'2014 Episode - The sounds of space - sound waves of the Sun, CMB radiation and pulsars + classic 1998 episode discussing planets of other stars whilst exoplanet research was in its infancy + 3 part guide to building a Dobsonian telescope first published in 2008 + extras
M29 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 109 - Exploring the red planet Available BBC 2014 Apr'2014 episode - Exploring the red planet drawing on data from past and present Mars rovers + guide to the most popular citizen science projects + extras
M30 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 110 - Brecon Beacons Astrocamp Available BBC 2014 May'2014 episode - Brecon beacons Astrocamp, how gravity shapes our universe + images of impact craters evident on Earth + growing crops in space + threats from space + latest exobiology research + extras
M30A The Sky at Night CD-ROM 111 -Impacts Available BBC 2014 Jun'2014 episode - Exploring how impacts have shaped our universe, from lunar cratering to galaxies in collision + Part 1 of a NASA space shuttle history documentary + extras
M31 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 112 - Observing the Sun, daylight astronomy Available BBC 2014 July'2014 episode - observing the Sun and its effect and its seasonal effect on other planets, daylight astronomy, noctilucent clousa + Cassini project interview + Part 2 of NASA shuttle project documentary + extras.
M32 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 113 - The Hunt for life in the Solar System Available BBC 2014 Aug'2014 Episode, Rosetta + Measuring Exoplanets + extras
M33 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 114 - The European Space Age Available BBC 2014 Sep'2014 Episode, 50 years of the ESA, build a binocular mirror mount, and many extras
M34 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 115 - The best space events of 2014 Available BBC 2014 Oct'2014 Episode, The Ice Giants, Siding Spring arrives at Mars, How to build a Dobsonian Mount (part 1) and many extras
M35 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 116 - Deep Space Weather/Rosetta special Available BBC 2015 Nov'2014 Episode, 1-hr special - Philae landing, Deep Space climate observatory, How to build a Dobsonian Mount (Part 2) and many extras
M36 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 117 -   Available BBC 2015 Dec'2014 Episode - Nebulae and the role they play in the life of stars, Asteroid Bennu's journey, Astronomy world tour - how to visit 8 of the most exciting destinations + much more
M37 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 118 Available online BBC 2015 This content was not issued on CD-ROM but can be viewed/downloaded online from and entering access code SGFWP64. Includes instructions for making a solar filter, a solar funnel and much more
M38 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 119 - New Horizons nears Pluto Available BBC 2015 Feb'2015 Episode - The truth behind UFO's ? Interview with Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burrell on the 'little green men' signal and discovery of pulsars, the fate of Beagle 2 + NASA video of first Orion test flight + Informative interview with New Horizons project engineer Hal Weaver + 10 Iconic Hubble images + extras
M39 The Planets Available History Channel 2014 3 DVD set of 45 minute programmes - (1) The Inner planets: Mercury and Venus, (2)The Earth, Moon, Mars and Jupiter, (3) Saturn and the outer planets. Informative with good imagery though slightly spoilt by the american narrator!
M40 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 120 - Classic 1972 Episode Available BBC 2015 Classic 1972 episode with Patrick Moore visiting Stonehenge and Woodhenge to discuss their possible astronomical significance, audio interview with Dawn project mission scientist Marc Rayman, video on how the MUSE instrument on the VLT (very Large Telescope) works + extras. 
M41 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 121 - Messengers Mercury Impact Available BBC 2015 April 2015 Episode including Sky at Nights top 5  Hubble Images, plus a video review of the Rosetta mission to date, testing a solar panel wing of the upcoming Sentinel 2 satellite, and viewers images of the recent solar eclipse.
M42 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 122 -Bill Nye interview Available BBC 2015 May'2015 Episode - formation of Venus and how ESA's Venus Express has helped unlock some of the secrets of its atmosphere. Interview with Bill Nye - CEO of the Planetary Society - on LightSail - a solar powered propulsion system in development plus interview with the late Carl Sagan predicting this. Feature on route planning for the Mars Curiosity rover.
M43 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 123 Available BBC 2015 June'2015 Episode - Following the awakening of the Philae lander the episode considers results of the Rosseta mission to comet 67P, Pete Lawrence talks about observing the Perseids. ESA video on space-to-ground telerobotic control. Astronaut Chris Hadfield interview and more 
M44 The Sky at Night CD-ROM 124 Available BBC 2015 July'2015 Episode - Rosetta Nears the Sun:Interview on what to expect when comet 67P closes in on our star, hour-long special on the Pluto mission, Rosetta picture gallery and ESA mission videos.