Do I know enough to join?

Provided you have an interest in looking up and trying to find out about what is up there Ė you know enough to join us.

Every astronomer was once a beginner. As a total novice you may have a good number of concerns: I donít feel like I know enough; where do I begin; what equipment do I need; have I got the right telescope/binoculars; should I join an astronomy group etc.

We know it can sometimes be an intimidating experience when you see some of the equipment used by astronomers  but donít be daunted by your level or lack of knowledge as there will doubtless be someone willing to help you or point you in the right direction. 

Taking part  in an astronomy group, such as a club, allows you to benefit from the experience and motivation of others and many of us are still learning our way around the sky!

Provided you have an interest, you are good enough to join!